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Ultimate Surface Performance

HEF USA offers innovative solutions for corrosion, wear and friction reduction.

HEF Group partners with industry’s largest and most demanding manufacturers in the development of application-specific processes & products that substantially enhance performance and long-term serviceability.

HEF’s mission is the development and continuous improvement of technologies and products that provide the highest levels of protection against friction and wear. We understand that there is no such thing as a "standard" crankshaft — or valve or gear, or housing — and that each component or assembly has its own performance requirements. Performance is not only a function of the bulk properties of materials, product design considerations and operating conditions, but is also strongly influenced by the surface properties and characteristics of the material. Surfaces properties can be engineered to meet the challenges of demanding operating conditions, either by:

HEF utilizes both the above surface modification options to deliver solutions that maximize the sought after performance characteristics of the components / tools / products under consideration. By focusing our substantial global resources — people, technology & infrastructure — on specific applications, HEF creates best-possible solutions and greatest possible value.

Our service and product offerings include the following:

If your goal is to streamline production, identify more cost-effective materials, downsize a component without compromising its performance, or improve the service life and performance characteristics of mechanical components & tools, HEF has the global resources, and the local expertise, to help you achieve those goals. Our commitment is to help you realize and maintain, a substantial competitive advantage, whether you manufacture vehicles or industrial machinery, construction equipment or medical devices.